Scanning Simplified

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A low cost, easy-to-use scanner that quickly creates high-quality digital workprints and condition reports using AI.  



• Designed specifically for archival film.

• Digitizes prints as well as original material. 

• Can be operated by anyone.

• Simple film path means less prep and faster transfers.

• Transfers very badly damaged film.

• Cost-effective, available for rental or purchase.

• Scans faster than real time.

• Creates digital color workprints in common FFmpeg formats.

• Uses AI to determine condition including shrinkage, perf & edge damage, and vinegar syndrome symptoms.

• Can convert optical soundtracks.

• Automatically adjusts exposure and white balance.

• Easy to network with your own computers, cataloging systems, storage and metadata workflows whether they run on macOS, Windows, UNIX or Cloud Services.

• Open source, API for integration with cataloging and content management systems.